Talk Together is a private practice focusing mainly on children and youths (0-18 years). Clinician aims to provide services that will address client's communication difficulties in a supportive and empowering environment. Speech and Language Services include Assessments, Individual Therapy and Consultations.


Talk Together believes in the provision of therapy following standardized assessments in order to have a picture of the whole client and as a baseline of his/her abilities and difficulties.


Talk Together offers Speech-Language Pathology services in many areas including (but not limited to):


Accent Reduction

Autism Spectrum Disorders*

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Developmental Disorders*

Language delays

Speech Sound Difficulties


*Due to ethical and professional considerations, any work in the marked areas may be limited to school-aged children.

Courtney Fearon

Registered Speech-Language Pathologist  |  B.Sc.H., M.Sc., R-SLP(c)